The Importance of Friends

Friends, the one thing I never had, but needed desperately. As a sophomore going into high school, I was secretly afraid. Questions haunted me. Would I still have to sit alone at lunch? Would I feel like I belonged? I accepted that this was just how it was. Continue reading


Why is writing so hard for me? People look at my work and think, wow you’re amazing. But somehow i convinced myself otherwise. The bullying may have stopped but not inside and around me. When my true feelings come out and I tell someone who’s opinion I value they shut me down and suddenly being true with myself is bad. Being me is bad. Continue reading

Boxed In

It rises my chest and makes me want to jump and run away at the same time. I feel the pressure growing as it races up my spine.  I wish that I could just do what I want and write how I want. Why do I need a platform, or any form for that matter? People can understand blunt words, and though they cause conflict, at least they’re something. Why do people expect others to always be ok? It’s not fair. So limiting. Take off all those restraints and labels that others tell you you have. I don’t need to publish this but I will anyway because I need people to know and understand that sometimes I’m not ok. Ok? Continue reading

Conquering The Enemy

Hey Everyone! I’m participating in a writing contest called Writer’s Crushing Doubt Writing Contest hosted by or Positive Writer. Here is the piece that I have to share with you. If your interested in participating or want to read more stories about writers crushing doubt click here

Conquering The Enemy

I feel the call and know what I need to do. Yet immediately doubt and fear barges in. You don’t have a story to tell, it says. Come on you’re just a teenager, let the professionals take over. What if you don’t win? Do you really want to feel the disappointment? This will crush you if you lose.

It’s back. Continue reading

A world of Fakeness

Hey Guys!!

So I really have no idea really what my niche or as Jeff Goins says my world view so I’m just going to really be experimenting with this blog till I find what I’m suppose to be writing about sound good? Alright here goes my next 500 words. Continue reading