My plan for the next little bit…

Hey Everyone!

So I’m doing something that is scarily brave for the next little bit. I’m going to be writing 500 words per day and the best way too keep me at it is to post it somewhere, here. Here’s yesterday’s and I’ll be posting today’s a little bit later. I hope you enjoy it!

I watched them as they walked away… Continue reading

Another Writing Piece that I’ve written.


Yeah I know that I’m not really doing much posts lately at least to help with writing but I do have an exciting anouncment. I’m going to be participating In NaNoWriMo this year and am going to be doing instalments of my novel on this site. Of course you’ll have to take in mind that these will be unedited pieces so there will probably be tons of errors. Depending on what happens I’ll keep up and post my word count for those days if not, well you’ll know what happened. Here’s a piece I wrote about me and fear. I hope you like it. Continue reading

Questionnaire: Questions to Get to Know Me.

Hey Everyone.

Sorry I’ve been kinda silent over the past little while. I’ve been anxiously waiting on the results to a writing contest I entered last post. So I’ve been looking at my previous get to know you post and I feel that I really didn’t go that much into debt about myself so here goes me trying to do just that.

As you probably understand I am a writer so here are some writing questions I’ve collected from my friends. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading